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Ongoing Support

At Changing Broken Saddles, our number one goal is for our clients to feel at ease. We know everyone faces unique challenges, which is why we engage in individual case management with each client through our variety of services.

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Children Needs

In this world, life can be difficult for a child to cope with. At Changing Broken Saddles, the children are encouraged to discover an environment that is full of support and encouragement.

Adult Needs

At Changing Broken Saddles, we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. Adults, in today's world, need to know there is a safe space to speak at and be acknowledged, while also working on oneself.

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Variety of Needs

Along with meeting mental health needs, we provide assistance with special need clients, team building days, and weeks of camp. Contact us to discuss the variety of options available.

Children Needs

At Changing Broken Saddles, we work with children who have many different needs. These may include: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Life Stressors, and more. 

We work through these challenges through outdoor activities, animal therapy, art therapy, and many more options.

We love to adhere to each individuals need, passion, and enjoyment. 

Adult Needs

We provide adults who struggle with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and more with a unique opportunity to overcome struggles, along with growing forward in life at Changing Broken Saddles.

We love offering those who need a stress break in life a time to come ride horses, play with animals, be carefree in art, and so much more. 

Let's restore your passions, reengage your joy for life, and move towards the now-not the then.

Variety of Needs

The list could go on with needs within this world. Changing Broken Saddles embraces the opportunity to engage with the special need community. This would entail assistance from the care giver, while also enjoying the nature and becoming "free".

Team building days are also available. These days would include bringing a team of employees, school sports, etc. together to do skills and games which would challenge but also grow relationships.

During Summer months, we will also be providing weekly camps for children and teens. These camps will be informative on what mental health is, while also providing tools for those struggling with mental health themselves. 

If you do not see a need you would like assistance with, please reach out by email so we can inform to whether we are able to fulfill this need or we can provide someone who can.

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Changing Broken Saddles has many available forms of service for clients. Due to this, we can email rates and information if one is interested.

Insurance is not accepted, at this time. There is a sliding scale available, as well as a partner church rate, for those who are in need.

Mental health has NO price on it. If you, or someone you know, is in need--please reach out if finances are a problem and a solution will be found.

Prices vary dependent on needs and desires of clients

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